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To ensure that you receive the highest quality pizza possible, we will not begin making your online pizza order until you arrive in the restaurant for pickup.

The Chef

Luca Varuni

The Team

i Guappi


“People Ignore Design That Ignores People”

The open design of Varuni Napoli allows guests to see first-hand the artisanship behind their food before it hits the plate. The central space encourages social interaction, while the lounges and deck offer a more intimate atmosphere.

The former manufacturing warehouse has all the style and charm of a traditional Italian eatery. Surrounded by exposed brick and adorned with both modern and rustic fixtures, featured elements include a glass-encased dough preparation room, a one-of-a-kind transparent walk-in cooler and a chef’s table overlooking the bustling open kitchen. The open kitchen serves as a stage where Varuni’s pizza artisans create masterpieces right in front of you, even offering diners bites of their creations throughout the evening. The pizza bar offers a front-row seat to watch the action in the kitchen and occasionally hear Varuni singing along to his favorite Italian songs.

Wall décor reflects the vibrant Italian culture at Varuni Napoli, with black and white photographs of iconic Italian artists, actors and musicians and a projector that shows classic Italian films.

Drawing on the culture and artisanship of Napoli, high-quality ingredients are used in each dish. To maintain authenticity, the main ingredients are all imported, including Doppio Zero flour, cold-press olive oil, Italian olives, cured meats, San Marzano tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella.

To ensure that dishes are made with the freshest produce, seasonal vegetables and herbs are locally sourced. Triple-filtered water is used for the dough, which is made with careful calculation and the traditional “mother” process.

Varuni Napoli makes every effort to avoid products and ingredients that contain preservatives, growth hormones and chemical boosters.

Napoli is a city of intense vivaciousness and creativity. The cuisine, particularly the pizza and street food, is world-famous. Renowned artists have contributed to its richly textured culture over the centuries, which extend to literature and cinematography. Varuni-Napoli pays tribute to the city and its artists by showing historic images in its gallery.


“A Place For Everything, Everything In Its Place.”

We are located in Midtown, at the SW corner of Monroe Drive and
Piedmont Avenue. Complimentary parking is available at Clear
Creek Mall directly behind the restaurant.

ATLANTA, GA, 30324





“The Only Reason For Time Is So That Everything Doesn’t Happen At Once”

TUESDAY – THURSDAY: 5:00 TO 10:00 P.M.
FRIDAY: 5:00 P.M. TO 11:00 P.M.
SATURDAY: 12 P.M. TO 11 P.M.
SUNDAY: 12 P.M. TO 10 P.M.

NO Reservations unless for parties of ten people or more.
In order to book a reservation of ten or more; we require a credit card on file and reserve the right to charge a $100 cancellation fee without 24 hours notice.


“Cool spot, fun people, and the best pizza Napolitana in the city! Just go in and say hi to Luca, he will take care of you!”
I had the best pizza of my life. Very authentic. I suggest the amore mio. They added spicy meat and hot peppers. Amazing!!!!
Sam P.
Loved it. Classic margherita made perfectly. I’ll probably start going here instead of Antico; I prefer the crust AND the price. #pizzasnob
Elizabeth S.
Took a large group (7) on a Friday night and had a blast! The food is excellent!
Michael A.
My husband and I love pizza and try a lot of different places and this is hands down the best pizza I have ever eaten. The crust is chewy and has those slightly charred patches. You can taste the olive oil drizzled on top. The flavors are very vibrant and clean. As if it weren’t enough that the pizza is amazing, service is excellent as well. The first time we went we were offered a complimentary taste of an appetizer and an employee was making rounds with an entire margherita pizza offering for guests to try a slice. Highly recommended.
Chelsea L.
Neapolitan pizza at its finest! Luca Varuni has done a great job and puts every other pizza place in the area on notice that he is a force to be reckoned with!
Patrick O.